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Optilight IPL for Dry Eyes

Optilight by Lumentis - the only FDA approved IPL therapy for Dry Eyes

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Optilight IPL Dry Eye Ocean Eye Care
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What is Optilight IPL?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an in-office treatment that uses broad spectrum light to target pigmentation within the skin.  IPL has been used in dermatology and the aesthetics industry to treat unwanted pigment spots from sun damage, melasma, and telangiectasias from conditions such as rosacea.  This technology has recently been adapted for safe use around the eyes, and Optilight is currently the only FDA approved IPL for dry eye syndrome.  IPL has become a popular therapeutic treatment for dry eyes both due to its efficiency in comparison to other eyelid gland treatments, but also due to its skin rejuvenating properties.

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How does IPL treat 
dry eye?

IPL helps to improve the function of the oil (meibomian) glands of the eyelids.  It targets inflammation from blood vessels throughout the skin of the face as well as the eye. IPL will reduce redness and swelling, leading to clearer, whiter, brighter eyes with the added bonus of smoother and more radiant complexion.  The energy stimulates the meibomian glands, clearing out stagnant oil and improving their function.  IPL can also stimulate collagen production, which results in firmer and more radiant skin. 

Optilight IPL Dry Eye Ocean Eye Care
Optilight IPL
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What can you expect at an IPL session?

Protective eyewear will be placed and a cooling conductive gel will be applied.  Your doctor will determine the proper energy and wavelength for your treatment based on your skin type and area of treatment.  Your treatment will be given by a series of light pulses over the treatment zone in a painless procedure.  

Your doctor may use a device to express any stagnant oil within the meibomian glands of your eyelids.

You an expect the entire process takes about 30 minutes and there will be little to no downtime with minimal side effects.  You will need to protect your skin from UV light due to an increase in photosensitivity.


What is the recommended treatment interval?

We recommend a series of four IPL treatments. 

The treatments will be scheduled two to four weeks apart.   Most patients require one maintenance treatment a year.

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