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Ocean Eye Care Waiting Room


We participate with the following insurance companies and vision plans:


(call to verify most up-to-date list)

  •  Medicare

  •  Delaware Health Options

  •  Highmark BCBS 

  •  Cigna 

  •  United Health Care 

  •  Humana 

  •  Aetna 

  •  Tricare for Life

VISION PLANS  (call to verify most up-to-date list)​

  •  VBA

  •  VSP 

  •  EyeMed 

  •  Spectera


Discount Vision Plans and Medical Insurance

            Insurance in eye care is unique because eye doctors are providers for both routine vision plans and medical insurances.  Sometimes we don't know which insurance will be billed until you are in the office.  Your ocular conditions, previous and new, as well as your complaints dictate which insurance applies.  We understand that navigating these insurance plans can be confusing.  We are trying to make things as clear and transparent as possible.


Your Vision Plan will be billed if:

           Your diagnosis is myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia​.  These plans are designed to provide a “Routine Exam” so you can get new glasses and or contact lenses with an updated prescription.  They apply only to vision complaints and only when there is no medical diagnosis involved.

            Vision Plans also often cover or discount a contact lens fitting, contact lenses and glasses.  We will check with your specific plan to determine your benefits.

Your Medical Insurance will be billed if:

            Your diagnosis or complaint is medical.  Upon examination, if a diagnosis of cataracts, diabetes, dry eye, ocular allergies, macular degeneration, glaucoma, double vision, floaters etc. is made the exam will be billed through your medical insurance.  Complaints of itchy, scratchy, burning, flashes, floaters, vision loss, pain etc. are all medical.  Exams for the evaluation of effects of systemic medications on your vision are also covered under medical insurance.

Ocean Eye Care Billing Policy

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