Vision Plans and Medical Insurance

Insurance in eye care is unique because optometric physicians are providers for both vision plans and medical insurances.  Sometimes we don't know which insurance will be billed until you are in the office.  Your chief complaint, or reason for the visit, dictates which insurance applies.  Medical insurance is often used for specialized testing as well.  See the list below for a list of insurance companies with which we participate. 

In addition to Vision Plans and Medical Insurance, we also accept:

  • Cash

  • Checks

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

  • Health Savings Accounts

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

Vision Plans

Vision Plans are used for the following chief complaints:​

  •  "I want contact lenses"

  •  "I need my glasses prescription updated"

  •  "Things look blurry" (caused by a refractive error, like nearsightedness, where glasses or contact lenses can correct the blur)

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is used for the following chief complaints:

  •  "My eyes itch"

  •  "I'm diabetic and need my eyes examined"

  •  "I have a red eye,"

  •  "My eyes are dry"

  •  "Things look blurry" (caused by a medical condition, like cataracts, where glasses won’t correct the blur)

VISION PLANS (call to verify most up-to-date list)​

  •  VBA

  •  VSP 

  •  Avesis 

  •  EyeMed 

MEDICAL PLANS (call to verify most up-to-date list)

  •  Medicare

  •  Medicaid

  •  Highmark BCBS 

  •  Cigna 

  •  United Health Care 

  •  Humana 

  •  Aetna 

  •  Tricare