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Contact Lenses

Clear and comfortable vision is at your fingertips with the use of contact lenses.  Whether you are looking to do away with glasses in daily life or you are looking for a convenient solution to clear vision for various activities, contact lenses can give you that freedom. 

We have access to a wide variety of lens selections.  If you have been considering contact lenses, our skilled team can walk you through your options, ensure proper measurements and fit, and teach you how to properly care for your contacts.

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MiSight Contact Lenses
for Myopia Control

MiSight Contact Lenses are the first and only FDA approved contact lenses to slow the progression of myopia (nearsightedness).  These daily contact lenses are specially designed for children, helping to ensure optimal visual quality and ocular health down the road.








What is Myopia?

Myopia is a technical term for nearsightedness.  Someone with myopia can see things up close, but not far away.
To see what various severities of uncorrected myopia look like, check out this simulator:


What is Myopia Control/Management?

Many nearsighted children will have rapid progression of myopia, where they need stronger glasses each year, sometimes even every six months.  In the past, there was no way to slow down or prevent the worsening of nearsightedness.  New treatments can help to slow down this progression.  One of them is with MiSight contact lenses.

Why is Myopia Management Important?

Reducing the amount of nearsightedness in your child is important not only for their overall visual quality, but also their eye health.  Patients with high myopia have eyes that are longer in diameter than an average eye.  This means that the retina and other structures must be stretched to accommodate this growth.  Patients with high myopia are more likely to have various ocular complications such as retinal detachments, early cataracts, and glaucoma.  Reducing this growth, even by a few millimeters, can help protect their future sight.

How do MiSight Contact Lens Manage Myopia?

MiSight contact lenses are specifically designed with a bullseye pattern.  The center of the lens is reserved for clear vision, while the peripheral edges are slightly out of focus.  This peripheral defocus prevents the further elongation of the eye and retina, which halts or slows the increase in myopia.  Because the center of the lens remains clear, the wearer will not be bothered by the peripheral blur.  In studies where they measured myopia progression in children wearing MiSight compared to those in normal lenses, the MiSight wearers were less likely to have lengthening of their eye and 41% saw no progression in myopia at all.  In a 6 year study, MiSight wearers progressed less than 1.00D of myopia on average.  MiSight lenses are daily contact lenses, designed for a single day of use.  This type of contact lens is ideal for children and adolescents to reduce risk for infection or complications.  


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